4NSIC - COmputer Forensics

Technical and consultative electronic evidence litigation support


Independent and objective computer media forensic examinations.


Evaluation and appraisal of opposing sides evidentiary findings and assertions.


Analysis of the human interaction with the computer to generate behavioral profiles and indicators of knowledge and intent

Data recovery and data reconstruction

Formulation of highly targeted and leveraged discovery requests to obtain the most useful evidentiary material in the optimum format

Financial and fraud investigations integrating the combined expertise of Forensic Accountants with Computer Forensic Examiners


Criminal Defense

Unlike many others in the field, we do criminal defense work. Forensic examinations are the pursuit of the truth, the empirical facts regardless of which side one is on. We utilize the same tools and methodologies as the prosecution and let the facts speak for themselves. We handle cases involving a wide variety of defense matters including child pornography cases.


Financial and Fraud Investigations

We are experts in all manner of financial and fraud investigations whether you are looking for the amount of funds embezzled, fraud schemes, insufficient controls or hidden assets. Our Forensic Accountants are experts in the analysis and reconstruction of financial records and activity trails and work in conjunction with Computer Forensic examiners who insure that all electronic records are fully extracted and explored.

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Forensic Media Examinations

Do you have suspicions that require further investigation? Do you need to substantiate what has occurred or do you need to initiate a full blown investigation based on computer and electronic records? We are experts in finding, extracting and interpreting the complete universe of electronic records to provide you with all of the available facts and documentation. Our technical resources include state of the art media examination and analysis tools. We can comb through vast quantities of disparate data to find whatever you are looking for efficiently and accurately.

Electronic Evidence Discovery

With the new Rules of Civil Procedure governing electronic evidence in place, obtaining the evidence you need now requires knowing exactly what to ask for and how it is to be provided. We can help you design focused strategies to obtain the most useful information through well defined requests and strategies. Overcome the hurdles that Rule 26 now imposes including: * Constraints on costs of production by the opposing side * New standard of “conventional “ format for data. This can help or hurt your case depending on how it is applied. * Prohibitions against electronic evidentiary fishing expeditions with defined wiggle room for testing and probing. * Respondents requirement to produce in a single format creates the burden of choosing the right format. We can make your discovery requests more effective and successful in getting what you need and want.

Child Pornography Cases

Child Pornography cases are difficult enough. The recently implemented Adam Walsh Act makes it even more challenging to mount an appropriate defense. The increased inaccessibility to “contraband” evidence provides a significant challenge to performing an independent examination and evaluation of the evidence. In an increasing number of cases, the defense only has access to challenge the methodology and protocols of the prosecution without being able to verify or validate their findings. We can help identify weakness, flaws and omissions in the opposing sides methodology, interpretations and conclusions through meticulous analysis of their reports and documentation. We can help you design questions to elicit the true meaning of alleged findings and observations as well as provide alternate scenarios and explanations. Most importantly, we can help answer questions of knowledge and intent for child pornography allegations.

Media Sanitizing, Data Wiping and Risk Assessments

As computer hard drives continue to increase in capacity, the amount of data being stored has grown exponentially. It is not uncommon to end up storing content that was thought to be deleted and removed. Even files that have been overwritten with commercial data wiping software often leave traces behind in alternative locations that can only be accessed forensically. Even on systems with appropriate safeguards and security, unintentional data content can often escape. Meta-data, alternate data streams, unallocated space, slack space and SWAP files can all betray our intentions for safeguarding content.

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